Monday, March 7, 2011

Yep, I'm Cheap

A few days ago I made a trip to a thrift store here in Fort Wayne that I'd heard about years ago, but had never gotten around to exploring. It's called Cherished Again, and I would rank it as an 8.5 on a scale of 1 through 10. The store is enormous and has a great selection of deals. Now, these aren't deals like some stores where you can score a wingback for $5 (Salvation Army), but there definitely isn't junk hanging around mascarading as quality (again, Salvation Army). What I was really excited about, though, is that it's full of genuinely nice decor and antiques, but they don't charge antique store prices. Not even close.

I picked up this cobalt decanter for $10. I've been looking for one to be used as a stylish container for mouthwash in the bathroom. (I have to give credit where credit is due, and I stole this idea from the owners/residents of The Castle Gallery in West Central.) Hopefully, since it's out sitting on the counter it will inspire us to use it more. ;)

Similarly, I found this little jar to use as a container for astringent. ($2.50) Again, this serves as a pretty reminder to use it more often. Be warned if you do this your husband might mistake it for mouthwash. Labels will soon fix this.

Okay, I'm not sure why, but I LOVE these little white Christmas tree thingys. ($12.50) I'm not sure if I'll display any ornaments on them, but they're cute enough not to.

The most unique find of the day goes to this set of two candle holders and scales. ($14.50) They creep me out a little a good way. :) Again, not exactly sure where they'll go in the house, but I will find a place for them. I'm a bit inclined to think they should find their home on the huge dining room table (that has yet to be built)...but what should they hold? (The fruit will be going bye-bye.)

So, that all comes to a grand total of $40. Not a bad haul.

Any ideas on what to do with any of these things??

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