Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Bed of His Own

You think a king size bed is big until your Great Dane tries to share it with you. No, a doggy needs a bed of his own.

When we welcomed Argus into our home as a tiny 10 pound pup in November 2009. We bought him the biggest dog bed we could find at Petsmart. 130 pounds and one year later the bed doesn't have much life left in it.

I really didn't feel like spending another $50 or more to buy him another one. Off to the fabric store! These precut pieces of fleece for making no-sew blankets were %50 off at Jo-Ann Fabrics, so I got the package for the 4'x5' blanket. After laughing at the prices of the various stuffing materials I settled on the idea that I would just stuff the new bed with his old bed, plus other old, ugly blankets and pillows which is not only cost friendly, but easier to wash if/when there's an accident. (The type of mess that a dog this big can make that you're imagining is true.)

These are the blankets that you make by cutting strips on the edges of the fabric and tying them together. I left one short side untied so that I can take out the stuffing materials and wash them if/when necessary. It's essentially one gigantic pillow case.

Grand total: $10
Argus likey very much. Have you used any creative methods of furnishing your doggy's home?

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